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The Colton Longbottom Foundation was established to enable organized sharing of wealth created by the business and investment activities of Hot Towel Strategies.   The Foundation was established to provide support to charitable organizations that are:


  • improving the future prospects of underprivileged children through education and mentorship

  • improving access to basic shelter and services for Ottawa's  homeless

  • enriching the Ottawa community through investments in arts and culture


We are always interested in hearing from other charities and invite you to contact us.   Prospective charities will be evaluated on the following bases:


  • must have a high level fit with Colton Longbottom Foundation focus

  • must operate directly delivering services at street/community/individual level

  • must employ a comprehensive system of impact evaluation, including measuring and tracking downstream impact

  • must have operating and fundraising costs less than 10% of donated funds

Logo for Colton Longbottom Foundation
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